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Wineglass Bay Discovery Tours takes you on a journey from Hobart to Wine Glass Bay, Freycinet National Park & Tasmania East Coast Day Tour via Richmond. Join us on this full day trip exploring Freycinet National Park and the very best of Tasmania’s East Coast highlights. On this amazing trip from Hobart to Freycinet National Park you would discover dramatic pink granite mountains, secluded bays, crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches and native wildlife.

From the doorstep of your Hobart accommodation, hop on board and enjoy the ride! Be prepared for amazing scenery, great photo opportunities, some gentle walking, and lots of fresh air. Also included, informative local knowledge, historic story-telling, and for no extra cost plenty of laughs and great music!

What To Expect

The eastern coast of Tasmania holds plenty of treasures for you, and this tour is the perfect way for you to see it all. This day-long tour brings you to the locations that you’ve heard about as well as some lesser-known gems that are must-sees.

Shortly after leaving Hobart, we arrive at the Rosny Hill lookout to enjoy expansive views of Tasmania’s capital, the Derwent River, and kunanyi/Mt. Wellington. Then, 20 minutes through the Coal River Valley’s undulating hills and quaint roadside scenery, we land in the historic Georgian town of Richmond. After viewing the Coal River and famous Richmond Bridge from a lookout, we venture down to see them both up close. This bridge is the oldest convict-built bridge still in use in Australia, and Alex has the pleasure of telling you about it.

Then, we head on to the rural township of Buckland, home of the St. John the Baptist Church (temporarily closed until further notice). Marvel its beauty and hear the story behind its remarkable stained glass windows. You are even welcome to play a tune on the organ!
The journey proceeds through the Tasmanian countryside to the east coast, where we arrive at Raspins Beach in Orford. This vantage point allows you to enjoy views of the untamed Maria Island across the bay as your wise guide spins you a tale or two about its colourful past.

Next stop is Swansea for the opportunity to grab a quick coffee and buy lunch at the local bakery but remember, our picnic lunch destination lies in the Freycinet National Park… after we visit the breathtaking, much anticipated Wineglass Bay.

A light, 40-minute hike to the Wineglass Bay lookout offers a journey that’s just as beautiful as the destination. We pause halfway for a peek at Great Oyster Bay and a chance to catch our breath before we begin the final ascent to the Wineglass Bay lookout. Here, we have plenty of time to relax and of course, take as many photos as possible. We then head back down together as a group, a great opportunity to chat and share thoughts on your exhilarating experience. If you’d prefer to venture down to the beach, this can be arranged with Alex beforehand.

While in the Freycinet National Park, we will visit a variety of must-see sites. Cape Tourville offers cliff-top views over the Tasman Sea, where you can see marine wildlife during migration seasons, like seals and whales. A steep but manageable walk to the tucked away Sleepy Bay promises unique rock formations and abundant kelp forests in brilliant turquoise water. Honeymoon Bay is a favourite picnic spot and a great place to take a dip in the Pacific if you’re so daring. Friendly Beaches, a stretch of pristine white sandy beach, is a popular surfer and fishermen destination and provides that clean ocean breeze. If fresh seafood is something you fancy, we can arrange a stop at the Freycinet Marine Farm.

The tour isn’t over yet! As we wind our way back to the capital city through the spectacular landscape, we make a stop at a Swansea favourite, Kate’s Berry Farm. Here you can sample locally made ice cream, chocolates, jams, and even Kate’s homegrown berries (if it’s the right season!). We’ll carry on to seeing the Spiky Bridge, another convict-built marvel. Alex will proceed to tell you the legends behind this funky footpath.

We make one more stop before getting back on the road to Hobart, above Spiky Beach. There, you will see the Freycinet peninsula from the other side of the bay, and take your last few snapshots of this beautiful part of Tasmania. After everyone’s filled their phones or cameras with photos, it’s an hour and a half back to Hobart. Your tour guide (and most likely, new best friend) Alex will drop you at your home away from home for a much-needed rest.


Wineglass Bay Discovery Tour

From $115 per person

This unique tour takes you on a journey from Hobart through Richmond, Freycinet National Park, and so much more as we travel to the secluded beauty that is Wineglass Bay. You’ll cross several spots off your bucket list before the end of the day — even some that you didn’t know you had!


Wineglass Bay Discovery Tours

From $115per person

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Wineglass Bay Discovery Tours

From $115per person

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