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A trip to the Northern Territory is not complete without visiting the spectacular “Nitmiluk Gorge”. Open all year round, it features some of the most stunning gorge scenery in the Northern Territory, with raging waterfalls, a myriad of wildlife and breathtaking views of the Jawoyn country. Nitmiluk Gorge winds along 12km of sheer rock extending more than 70m high. Consisting of 13 seperate gorges, Nitmiluk Gorge is a maze of waterways sculpted from the sandstone over countless millennia by the Katherine River.

Nitmiluk Tours is a successful 100% wholly owned and operated Indigenous Tourism Operation within Nitmiluk National Park and is the exclusive provider for touring the breathtaking Nitmiluk Gorge, located approximately 320km South of Darwin Northern Territory, Australia.


NitNit Dreaming Two Gorge Tour

From $97 per person

Departing several times a day the NitNit Dreaming cruise is one of our most popular tours. A boat will take you to the end of the first gorge, where you will experience the beauty of the large boulders, rock pools and sands that make up the crossover to the second gorge. 2 hours duration.

Nabilil Dreaming Sunset Dinner Tour

From $183 per person

Combine the experience of sightseeing with the unexpected luxury in the remote setting of Nitmiluk Gorge. Your experience will begin by travelling through the first 2 gorges, including a 400m walk where you will have the opportunity to view an Ancient Jawoyn Rock Art site, dated 8,000-10,000 years old! Along the way, you will be enlightened with cultural stories, history of the Nitmiluk region, information of flora and fauna and much more! Our Dinner Vessel will be awaiting your arrival back at the first gorge. As our onboard chefs begins creating your 3-course meal, you have time to sit back and relax as you marvel at the ever-changing colours of ochre on the escarpment walls as the sun begins to set. 3.5 hours duration.


Nitmiluk Tours

From $97per person

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Nitmiluk Tours

From $97per person

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