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Kalgoorlie Tours & Charters have a long history in providing that extraordinary touring experience. Offering you the chance to be a part of the modern day gold rush by donning a hi-visibility vest and taking part in the only tour to go inside the Super Pit operations or take the Gold Town Discovery Tour you will uncover the hidden secrets of Kalgoorlie-Boulder.

What To Expect

Its nicknamed Kal by the locals and this historic yet modern city is situated 596 kilometres north east of Perth in the Western Australian Goldfields. Yes, that is right the GOLD fields. Kalgoorlie is actually Australia’s largest outback city. Gold was first discovered in Kalgoorlie by Patrick “Paddy” Hannan and his mates in 1893, and led to one of Australia’s great gold rushes, with thousands of hopefuls flocking to the area in hope of striking it rich. The rich, quiet region of Kalgoorlie soon became known as Australia’s largest Outback City. Kalgoorlie-Boulder is now the major producer of gold within the whole of Australia.

Visit many of the local attractions that can take you back in time and show you how and where the gold fever began. Be amazed by the monstrous machinery and Super Pit on a tour into the KCGM Super Pit Operation or find out about the history of Kalgoorlie Boulder on one our Gold Town Discovery Tours.

Other attractions around town include the WA Museum, which has some great exhibitions, don’t forget to see their Gold Vault and take a photo from the head frame platform overlooking Kalgoorlie. The Loopline Museum which houses the Loopline Railway, which was once the main means of transport in the Goldfields. And don’t forget to have a cold ale at the Metropole Hotel while looking down at the underground shaft that is situated at the front bar.


Gold Town Discovery Tour

From $75 per person

Kalgoorlie has a broad and interesting history spanning over 125 years. The stories that are told, the sights that are left and the way of life we now live is all influenced by this. On this tour you will uncover the hidden secrets of Kalgoorlie's past and present and we will show you the intriguing and unique places that will leave you inspired and in awe.

Super Pit Tour

From $80 per person

This tour goes through the workshop, the milling plant and to the internal viewing platforms. Throw on a safety vest and safety glasses and experience a tour of Australia's largest gold producing mine, the Super Pit. Mandatory Clothing and Footwear requirements apply.


Kalgoorlie Tours & Charters

From $75per person

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Kalgoorlie Tours & Charters

From $75per person

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