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Indian Ocean Experiences offers small, intimate tours of Christmas Island in a well-maintained 4WD. With over 15 years experience in travel, tours, special packages and group touring, their experience ensures you get the best out of your visit to Christmas Island. Catering for small and large group tours, they also offer catering options for picnics and beach BBQ’s.

Christmas and Cocos (Keeling) Island are relatively safe destinations to explore on your own but taking a guided tour will ensure you come away with a far deeper understanding and appreciation of our stunning habitats, history and inhabitants. Let our experienced and passionate local guides show you the hidden gems, relay the unpublished stories and history on tours designed for differing levels of interest and fitness.

What To Expect

Christmas Island is a rocky outpost located 2600km North East of Perth and 450km South of Jakarta. Resting on the precipice of the Java Trench, the Island is surrounded by jagged cliffs, punctuated by coral beaches, feeding on to tropical reefs teeming with marine life. The multi-levelled terraces around the island host various terrestrial and avian fauna and flora.

Christmas Island has over 90 different species of crabs, some obvious like the Christmas Island Red Crab and the Robber Crab, others far more elusive. The bird life on Christmas Island cannot be missed. Birds are everywhere – all the time! Christmas Island boasts one of the most beautiful birds on the planet – the golden morph of the White-tailed Tropicbird, or Golden Bosun. Their mesmerising aerial acrobatics and distinctive call can be heard all around the island. Our proximity to South East Asia makes us an appealing stop for migratory and vagrant birds species, with new sightings being recorded annually.

Many other species, easily viewed, make Christmas Island a birdwatchers paradise. Our birds are very appealing to experienced and amateur bird photographers – their lack of fear allows an up close experience to get that all- important memorable shot, roosting, resting or in flight. To support this varied and abundant life, the jagged inland terraces and ocean cliffs supply a foothold for the Jurassic style rainforest, filled with fauna, telling the story of how the island developed over the millennia. A uniquely multicultural community adds colour and flavour to this Australian outpost on the edge of South East Asia.


Orientation Tour

From $60 per person

(Min. 2 Pax) Discover the history, culture and activities available on Christmas Island. This 2 hour tour explains many of the places of interest, suitable shopping and eating places, activities that are available during your stay and the history of settlement and development of the island. Start your stay getting the lowdown, an understanding of the layout of the island and a briefing on what activities would be suitable for you.

Nature Tour

From $100

(Min. 2 Pax) Crabs, rainforest, birds – this tour encapsulates the very best of Christmas Island. Our first stop is The Dales, home to a number of the crab species. Natural springs weave through to a mystical rainforest, canopied by gigantic Tahitian Chestnut trees. From there we head to The Blowholes. Nowhere else on the island are the forces of nature so evident. Rhythmic waves, forcing water through the myriad of eroded cliffs provide a theatrical experience for guests. We then head to the peace and tranquility of Margaret Knoll to view the rugged coastline from above, giving us stunning views across the Eastern Coast of the island.

Panoramic Bird Tour

From $100 per person

(Min. 2 Pax) Birds, birds and more birds! First we visit Golf Course lookout with stunning views across part of the eastern side of the island. During our eye-to-eye experience with many of the islands bird species, learn more about their unique biology and behaviour and why they call Christmas Island home. We then visit Lily Beach for our tea break whilst viewing juveniles and nesting birds and then onto Ethel Beach. We then venture to the top terrace to view Abbotts Booby birds in their nesting habitat – one of the rarest seabirds in the world !

Dolly Beach Tour

From $100 per person

(Min. 2 Pax) We venture to the lower terraces of the Eastern side of the island. A 40 minute ramble on foot through the jungle delivers us to our sandy, coconut-lined castaway beach, Dolly Beach. We rest here for a swim (subject to ocean conditions) and refreshments. We may have to share our morning tea with the friendly Robber crabs that frequent the area. We then head back along the same track to Greta Beach, grab a bag and search for unusual treasures the tide has bought in. We’ll also remove some of the unwanted flotsam that is carried by ocean currents from lands far away.

Red Crab Spawning Tour

From $150 per person

(Min. 2 Pax) It’s what Christmas Island is famous for! 50 million red crabs go on the move at the start of the annual wet season, timing their spawning with tides which will carry their trillions of eggs out to sea. Experience the peak of what Christmas Island has to offer with this special tour which is only offered on specific dates each year and, subject to the rains starting allowing the crabs to move to the lower terraces. Drinks & nibbles during briefing event, cooked breakfast during spawning event. (All other tours do allow sightings of red crabs at other times of the year).


Indian Ocean Experiences

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