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3950 Cradle Mountain Rd, Cradle Mountain

Devils @ Cradle is a unique Tasmanian conservation sanctuary located near the entrance to the spectacular World Heritage listed Cradle Mountain National Park. Whilst we concentrate primarily on the Tasmanian devil, the sanctuary is also home to the closely related Spotted-tail and Eastern quolls. Tasmania’s three largest carnivorous marsupials are all now threatened in one way or another in the wild. A visit to this sanctuary DAY or NIGHT will provide you with an opportunity to observe these extraordinary animals up close, whilst one of our Keepers will give you an understanding of the dedicated conservation work we do to support these species.

What To Expect

Visitors to the sanctuary can view these animals from the comfort of the visitor centre, wander through the sanctuary at their leisure, or join an educational guided tour which ensures an opportunity to view these animals up close. Visitors gain insight into the daily operation of a working conservation facility for one of the world’s iconic animals, knowing that all ticket fees contribute to our conservation work for these species. Open every day (except Christmas day) both during the day and of an evening, with a variety of different tours and experiences on offer.


Day Keeper Tour

From $25 per person

Join one of our animal keepers for an informative wander through the sanctuary. See the animal’s daylight habits, such as sleeping in their dens, sunbaking, playing, exploring, or fossicking for food.

Day Feeding Tour

From $37.50 per person

Join us at lunchtime for an educational walk through the sanctuary, including an immersive Tasmanian devil feeding session on our largest devil environment.

Night Feeding Tour

From $37.50 per person

The sanctuary comes alive in the evening! These species are often far more active at night; by using environmentally sensitive lighting we focus on the interactions and feeding habits of these unique carnivores.

Joey Encounter

From $75 per person

Join a small group of guests for a special behind the scenes look at our animal nursery, including the opportunity to get up-close and meet some of our youngest residents. Day Keeper Tour admission also included.

Sunset Experience

From $99 per person

A unique opportunity for a small group of people to enjoy an exclusive evening visit to the sanctuary accompanied by welcome drinks and Tasmanian sweet treats. Guests will have close encounters with Tasmanian devils and quolls, visit behind the scenes areas with an experienced guide, all as the sun sets over the Tasmanian wildnerness. Day Keeper Tour admission also included.



From $25per person

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From $25per person

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