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Coral Bay Ecotours is a marine tour company specialising in marine interactions on the UNESCO World Heritage Listed Ningaloo Marine Park of Western Australia. Located in Coral Bay with a backdrop of red desert, there is over 500 species of fish, 200 species of coral and an abundance of Australia’s most prized megafauna.

With daily encounters with Manta rays, Sea Turtles, Reef Sharks, Dolphins and seasonal encounters with Whale Sharks, Humpback Whales and Dugongs, there’s no wonder this place is Australia’s best kept secret!


3 Hour Turtle Ecotour

From $95 per person

Our Turtle Tour is the best way to view turtles feeding in their natural surroundings. Our experienced crew and their in-depth knowledge of our local turtles species and behaviour, will show you the best way to view these amazing animals. As the only turtle tour conducted on a glass bottom boat, this great value tour also provides you with the opportunity for coral viewing, fish feeding and snorkeling at two specially selected sites. Snorkeling gear is provided and coffee/tea/milo and biscuits are also included.

3 Hour Whale Watching Tour

From $99 per person

The Humpback whales migrate through Coral Bay from June to October every year. Visit these incredible and inquisitive mammals in their natural environment playing, tail-slapping, breaching, waving and slapping massive pectoral fins, rolling and even sleeping! Because the local waters are a safe haven for migrating whales, we regularly see resting mothers and calves as they frolic in the calm waters of Bateman's Bay. Not only can you see the iconic Humpback whales, but we also often encounter many other marine animals like turtles, dolphins, dugongs and other whale species such as Minke's, Southern rights, even Orca's throughout the trip.

Humpback Whale Safari

From $385 per person

Humpback whale season in Coral Bay begins at the end of June and runs through to mid October. During this time it is estimated around 30,000 whales pass through Ningaloo Reef on their annual migration, sometimes stopping to rest, shelter, and play in the calm waters of Coral Bay. If and when our trained guide deems it is safe to do so, swimming guests will enter the water at a safe distance from the animals either from the side or in front of the whales path.

Whale Shark Safari

From $420 per person

After morning tea, we begin our journey to the outer reef. By this time our spotter plane is already searching for our whale sharks and informing us of any other exciting marine life spotted along the way! We will do our best to allow you to experience as much wildlife as possible during our tour. Once our spotter plane has found a whale shark, our boat will make its way there. Guests will be split into 2 groups of 10 and take turns to swim with the whale shark. To ensure that we don’t disturb its natural habits, we are allowed a maximum one hour of swimming time with the whale shark.


Coral Bay Eco Tours

From $95per person

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Coral Bay Eco Tours

From $95per person

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