Astro Tours

Includes Broome Hotel Transfers
Operates April to October
Broome Road, Broome

Broome’s Astronomy Experience a 2-hour educational and entertaining mind bender using big telescopes, lasers and fun under some of the best stargazing skies on the planet. You’ll find Greg Quicke running star shows for the public from April to October at the Astro Tours dark site an easy 20 minutes drive out of Broome, Western Australia.

While we are setting you up to watch the earth turn and to achieve Earth Turning Consciousness in your life, we’ll teach you star names, constellations and where to find the planets. We’ll reinforce this as much as we can throughout the night with the idea of you finding at least a few things in the sky the next night with confidence!

What To Expect

We’ll set you up with a custom designed comfortable SWIVEL stargazing seat. Our significant telescope fleet ranges from 4 inch to 20 inch in diameter for your viewing pleasure. Greg uses a headset microphone connected to a beautiful sound system to ensure your journey through the heavens tickles all your senses. Just when you are starting to freeze because you forgot your jumper we’ll pull out the hot chocolate, or we’ll sell you a beautiful Himalayan blanket with the Astro Tours logo.

Night time temperatures at our bush site can drop to less than 10 degrees during June, July and August. Bring warm clothing, covered footwear is best and most importantly, a ready, clear and sharp mind!

Tour Itineraries

Astro Tour with Transfers

From $105 per person

Blowing your mind is our intention with these astronomy nights. Enjoy a delightful guided evening under the stars using powerful telescopes to view the moon, planets, stars and more. We start the show in full darkness to access late rising planets and constellations. Learn how to navigate with the Southern Cross, explore the Zodiac as the home of all the planets and simply relax into the magic of a Kimberley night sky. Mind blowing!!!


Astro Tours

From $105per person

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Astro Tours

From $105per person

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