Yellow Water 1.5 Hour Cruise Depart 1130

Yellow Water Cruise, Yellow Water 1.5 Hour Cruise Depart 1130


Yellow Water Billabong is located at the end of Jim Jim Creek, a tributary of the South Alligator River. The river system, which is the largest in Kakadu, contains extensive wetlands that include river channel, floodplains and backwater swamps.

Cruises depart from 9am to 4:30pm daily

Wildlife: A variety of birds (60 different species are found in the wetlands), Whistling Ducks, Magpie Geese, Kingfisher, crocodiles, buffalo, Jabiru’s, Brolga’s.
Your guide: Experienced guides are ticketed with Kakadu knowledge, some are Indigenous trainees that give a fascinating insight into how the Bininj people use the flora and fauna to support their way of life.

Check-In/Check-Out Policy

In: 11:30am Out: 1:15pm

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Yellow Water 1.5 Hour Cruise Depart 1130

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