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Diving the Cocos (Keeling) Islands is a year round activity. The water temperature averages between 26°C during the cooler months of July through to October and 29°C during the warmer months of December through to May. Occasionally, a colder thermocline may drop the water temperature down to a “chilly” 25°C!

Visibility on most dive sites averages 20-30 metres. Some sites where the lagoon flushes out into the Indian Ocean may cause the visibility to drop to 15 metres. Most of the dive sites are suitable to any level of experience. With only 1 dive operator with a maximum of 10 divers on any trip, makes diving on Cocos a fantastic experience. Uncrowded waters and only small groups means you never come accross busy dive sites

The Cocos (Keeling) Islands have steep drop-offs that allows those divers who are qualified and/or suitably experienced to venture deeper than the less experienced diver. Having the luxury of multi-level diving ensures everyone is able to enjoy the same site and similar experiences with the marine creatures. With over 30 regularly visited sites, there is always something different to see and Cocos Dive is always discovering more dive sites!

Cocos (Keeling) Islands is also a wonderful destination for the photographer, both below and above the water. The waters surrounding the atoll teem with spectacular marine life, pristine coral gardens and beautiful mammals. Beneath the surface lie pristine gardens of colourful soft leather corals, cabbage like hard corals and delicate gorgonian fans. Sharks, manta rays, dolphins, tunas, turtles, brightly coloured marine fish and Kat, the lone dugong are regularly seen whilst diving.

Cocos Dive is a family operated business – your hosts, Dieter Gerhard and Karen Willshaw, extend a warm welcome to guests visiting Cocos (Keeling) Islands for diving and also to their non-diving partners and friends. Karen Willshaws' greatest passion is photography and documenting the undersea and earthscape life that abound the atoll. The Cocos dive photos on our web page are from Karens own collection.

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