Your Holiday Travel Guide To Christmas Island

Your Holiday Travel Guide To Christmas Island

Christmas Island is a remote island territory located in the Indian Ocean. The islands are host to the red crab annual migration and boast several endemic birdlife species, making this an eco paradise that is just waiting to be explored. So, here we’ll explore your travel options for Christmas Island holidays.




Christmas Island is actually an Australian External Territory in the Indian Ocean that is actually closer to Indonesia than Australia. The Island was first sighted in 1615, but it wasn’t named until the Royal Mary, East India Company vessel sailed past it in 1643, on Christmas Day. 

Since Christmas Island and the nearby Cocos Island are remote and removed from the typical tourist track, it is only serviced by a couple of airlines. This means that there are not flights to and from the island every day of the week. Additionally, the planes also service the offshore mines in the area, so workers are given priority over tourists and visitors. So, you need to consider the potential delays when you plan your trip. However, Christmas Island is well worth the effort of getting off the beaten path to see the amazing sights. 




Since Christmas Island is an external Australian territory, the Australian immigration rules apply. These can vary significantly from country to country, but there are several countries where you can apply for a free e-visa before you arrive. This e-visa would also be valid for travel to the mainland. If you’re travelling from outside of Australia, you will need to check with the Australian Home Affairs office to check the type of visa you’ll need. 


Getting Around on Christmas Island Holidays 


Christmas Island has a total area of 135 square kilometres, and approximately 63 percent of this area is part of the Christmas Island National Park, so it is covered with amazing flora and fauna. With this massive area, you will need to be prepared for some serious hiking or hiring a vehicle. There is only one taxi firm on the island and no public transport, so if you want to make the most of your holiday you will need car hire. There are a variety of both two and four wheel drive vehicles that can be collected at the Christmas Island airport. These vehicles are ideal to explore the bush tracks and unsealed roads that wind around the island. 

However, if you’re driving, you do need to take care and drive slowly when you’re on the island. The tracks can become slippery due to the constant humidity and intermittent rain on the island, and there are various crab species on the island, so you need to protect them. It is not mandatory to have experience with four wheel driving, but it can be helpful to Christmas Island visitors. 


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