Travelling Broome & The Kimberley During the Wet Season

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As you probably know, the Kimberley region has two seasons – wet season (October to April) and dry season (May to September). The dry season is the peak season for tourism with more favourable weather conditions, while with the wet season being stormy, humid and prone to monsoons, many roads and tours are closed for the whole season.

However, that’s not to say there aren’t many benefits to travelling the area in the wet season too! As the busy season winds down, Broome, Kununurra and everywhere in between go back to their country town vibe. As most of the tourists have left the town, many of the usual tours won’t be running but this is your chance to live like a local.

Catch a Barramundi


Fishing is at its best during the wet season when barramundi are at their most abundant in the area. Between October and April, the Barramundi are mature and migrate from freshwater areas inland to coastal estuaries and river mouths to spawn.

You can either hire a car and from Broome, head up the Dampier Peninsula to Barred Creek, or from Kununurra, you can fish from the lower Ord River. If you want the locals to show you their favourite spots, join a fishing tour.

Upgrade your stay


The Mangrove Hotel, Broome

Hotel rooms during the wet season are heavily discounted, so this is your chance to live like a king. Upgrade to a nicer room with bonuses including daily canapes, your own lap pool or a hotel room bigger than many people’s apartments. Or put the savings towards a relaxing spa treatment.

Some Kimberley sights are made to be seen in the Wet Season

With many unsealed roads closed for the season, most land tours are closed too. However, there are still some really spectacular tours running in the wet season, which just wouldn’t be the same during the dry season.


You can take a scenic flight – by fixed wing or helicopter – over the Bungle Bungle Range from Kununurra, or a flight over the Buccaneer Archipelago from Broome. Some flights run on minimum numbers, so allow some flexibility with your preferred dates.

Those travelling to Kununurra to the east of the Kimberley during the wet season are rewarded with incredible tropical thunderstorms and plenty of wildlife around Lake Argyle.
And at the very end of the wet season (March/April) some Kimberley Cruises start to run again, and this is the best time to cruise around the breathtaking waterfalls along the coast to see them in all their glory, when the water is running strong off the back of the wet season. The 8 Night Waterfall Safari, for example, is extra special at the tail end of the wet season.

Take it slow living like a Broome Local


As tourism winds down, the locals go back to ‘Broome time’, which means siestas are in vogue. Enjoy a morning at the Courthouse Markets, have a mango ice cream from the Old Ice-Creamery and relax by your hotel pool until it’s time for evening drinks at Matso’s Brewery or the Mangrove. With no crowds, it’s easy to take it slow and enjoy your holiday!