Top Things to See and Do in Wyndham

Wyndham Big Croc cr TWA

Head to the home of the ‘big croc’ and you’ll find yourself in the oldest and northern most town in Western Australia’s Kimberley region.
Dating back to 1886, Wyndham is an historic port town in one of Australia’s hottest areas.
Take the scenic drive into Wyndham and say g’day to the 20-metre-long and three-metre high concrete saltwater crocodile statue waiting to welcome you.  While a novel entrance statement, the croc also acts as a reminder to beware of the real crocs in waters around the town.
Wyndham offers a wide range of activities for visitors including fishing, bush walking, 4WD tracks and scenic outdoor adventures from the rugged Cockburn Ranges to the Cambridge Gulf.
Here’s some of the best things to see and do when visiting Wyndham.

Diggers Rest Station

Diggers Rest Station is a working cattle station spanning more than 20,000 acres and was the backdrop to much of Baz Luhrmann’s 2008 film Australia.
Located 46kms from Wyndham along the King River Road, Diggers Rest Station offers an authentic station experience with horse riding tours, self-guided fishing, bush walking to bird watching activities. The annual stock muster is also a favourite tourist drawcard.
If you’re planning to stay over, there’s accommodation at the air-conditioned homestead, a bunkhouse, cabins or bush camping.

The Bastion Range/Dahdarwi Range

One of the highlights of the Bastion Range is Wyndham’s Five Rivers Lookout which sits at 360 metres above the town and provides spectacular views across swamps, mudflats and hills.
The Five Rivers Lookout is where you can see five Kimberley rivers – the Ord, Forrest, King, Durack and Pentecost – enter the Cambridge Gulf. It’s worth the trip just for the spectacular view.
The Aboriginal name for the Bastion Range is Dahdarwi Range.

Wyndham Port

The historic port was founded in 1885 and continues to be an economic hub for Wyndham and the East Kimberley to this day. If you take a Kimberley cruises to or from Kununurra, the Wyndham Port will be your start or end-point. The port also marks the beginning of the Wyndham Port Heritage trail which takes you to many of the key sites of Wyndham’s history.

Boab Trees

Boabs are a unique and iconic tree that you’ll spot throughout the Kimberley. They have been used for bush tucker, a source of water, shelter and even, at one time, a prison.
One of the largest, easily accessible boab trees, can be found at Wyndham Caravan Park. At 25 metres at the widest point, it’s an incredible sight.
Wyndham’s Prison Tree can be found about 30km south on King George Road. The tree is about 14m round and was used as a lockup in the 1890s for prisoners being walked into town for sentencing.

Rock Art

There are more than 250 indigenous rock art sites stretching from Wyndham to the Northern Territory border, with a diverse range to be found in the Kimberley.
The big variety of styles and sites reflects the cultural and artistic development of the region, while the historical resource is also considered a unique record of Australia’s earliest settlement.
The most famous of the rock art styles is the Wanjina and Gwion figures.
While most rock art sites are not accessible to tourists, there are tours available which include permissible visits to sites.
Travellers may also come across other examples of Aboriginal art, such as ochre paintings of Wandjina ancestors and animals, near the King George Road.

The Grotto

The Grotto is one of the best-known waterfalls near Wyndham.  It’s a small natural water-hole, making it ideal for a swim or to relax and soak in the surrounds. While it is accessible year round, it comes to life during the wet season with waterfalls and the humidity creating a truly tropical vibe.
This is also one of the most accessible waterfalls with a sealed road leading to the location 30kms from Wyndham.  White it is surrounded by vertical cliffs, there are about 140 steps that will lead you down to the water-hole.
This is one location where you will want to take your camera.

Plan Your Wyndham Adventure

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