Top things to do on Christmas Island

When you embark on an adventure to a beautiful destination such as Christmas Island it's easy to think purely of sunshine and white sandy beaches. But in reality, there is so much more to it than that! Below are a few of our own personal recommendations on things to do on Christmas island.

Christmas Island

Scuba Diving

Regarded as one of the best places to dive in Australia, Christmas Island offers some of the most outstanding marine life in the world. You'll encounter gobies, butterfly fish, wrasse and so many more throughout the reef. If you are lucky, you may come across some of the larger specimens such as the trevally, tuna or even a reef shark. During the months of November to April you may even have a once in a lifetime opportunity and see a whale shark – the largest fish in the world! Incomparable to anything else you'll experience, these gentle giants glide through the water with such grace, creating an unforgettable memory to cherish.
Alongside the abundant marine life, Christmas island also has one of the longest drop off's in the world. The island is surrounded by a tropical reef, parts of which are accessible a mere 20m from the shore, which descends down into the depths of the ocean, creating some of the best wall diving opportunities known to earth. Unspoilt coral, warm crystal clear water and truly breathtaking marine life – what's not to love about this place.

Coral Window - Faulkner Photography


There's nothing better than capturing the perfect to picture to remind you of the amazing memories you made here on Christmas island. With so much natural beauty, vivid colours, textures and scenery, this destination is a photographer's haven. The island is engulfed in tropical lighting, allowing for stunning sunsets, lush greenery in the rainforest and the gorgeous blue tones of the ocean.
Take an amazing photography tour of the island and relish the opportunity to create some stunning imagery. If you are also interested in doing some scuba diving, you can even take an underwater camera with you and capture the beautiful colours of the tropical marine life. If you are lucky, you may even snag a picture of the elusive whale shark.

Red Crab Migration

Red Crab Migration

Take part in a truly unique opportunity thanks to Christmas Island being is home to the Gercarcoidea Natallis, or in layman's terms, the Christmas island red crab. For the majority of holiday destinations, crabs are not a reason to visit! However, if you search 'what to do in Christmas island?' you'll undoubtedly come across this unusual activity as a top result. During the beginning of the wet season the red crabs migrate from the forest to the coast to breed. Seeing as there is roughly 40 million of these creatures traverse the island over the space of a week it is no wonder that it makes for a very special event and some fantastic photo's! Once the males arrive at the beach they create burrow and then must defend these from other males, making for an intriguing event and a fantastic spectacle for both nature lovers and photographers alike!

There is no doubt that Christmas island is a place which offers something for everyone. It is home to some truly unique and spectacular experiences, so why not come make some memories and let Christmas Island into your heart – once there, you'll never look back.