Top 5 Free Things To Do In Broome

Broome on a Budget

Broome is one of the most extraordinary places to visit in Western Australia. Broome tours can offer many ways to experience the town’s history, culture and stunning landscapes. Broome offers a unique holiday experience full of colour and natural phenomena. This beachside town is known for it’s amazing sunsets, beautiful beaches, pearling history and unique culture. To get the most out of this spectacular Kimberley town, here are five free things you can do while in Broome.


Enjoy a Dip at Town Beach

Town Beach is a family-friendly beach where you can enjoy the day surrounded by sparkling turquoise waters. The kids will love the nearby water playground or you can relax and take in the scenic waterfront views while enjoying a BBQ. Town Beach Café is also located right on the waterfront where you can enjoy breakfast and lunch with stunning ocean views.


Explore Chinatown on Foot

Chinatown is the multicultural soul of Broome. Beginning in the 1880’s when pearling crews set up their camps, Chinatown has grown into a multicultural, historical and boutique retail hub that is not to be missed.


Spend a day wandering around the historical Chinatown and stop at one of the many tasty restaurants or cafes along the way. You’ll find plenty of places to shop as well, and enjoy a variety of novelty shops. Along your walk you will find reading plaques that describe the town’s early years and take you on a journey through the towns pearling history, tourism boom and the struggles of World War II.


Shop at the Markets

Broome has some of the best markets to experience on your trip. On Saturdays you can head over to the Courthouse Markets and indulge in the largest art and craft markets in the Kimberley. The Courthouse markets features quality handmade items such as jewellery, soaps, candles and glassware along with live music and food stalls. Or visit the Chinatown markets in Jonny Chi Land on a Sunday. From June to September you can also experience live music, local cuisine and a wide variety of stallholders at the Town Beach Night Markets every Thursday night.


Visit the Church at Beagle Bay

The Sacred Heart Church at Beagle Bay is arguably one of the most beautiful churches in Australia. The church is located in the centre of an Aboriginal community on the Dampier Peninsula and has been around for 100 years to witness wars, Indigenous culture progression and the stolen generations. The main attraction of the Sacred Heart Church is the breathtaking mother of pearl alter. The alter features a mosaic of sparkling pearl shells that combine Catholic representation and traditional Indigenous symbols.


Camp at Quondong Point

Camping at Quondong Point is free, however, there are no facilities so you need to be self-sufficient. The camp offers fantastic views of the beach and reef, with a relaxing vibe and a cool sea breeze. The Quondong Point campsite is approximately 50km from Broome and access is via a rough dusty road, so you will need a 4WD.


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