Things to Do During Broome Holiday Packages

Aerial View Of Cable Beach

Broome holiday packages, including flights, are a fantastic way to explore this amazing area. With year-round sunshine and some spectacular sights, you’re sure to find a break that is action-packed or relaxed and sedate. With the spectacular white sands of Cable Beach, vibrant red earth, turquoise Indian Ocean and indigenous heritage, Broome is one of the most romantic, exotic towns of Australia. Here we’ll explore some of the things you should consider a must-see on any Broome holiday packages.


The Staircase to the Moon

Although the sunsets over Cable Beach are beautiful, if you time Broome holidays just right, you can see another spectacular sight. Between March and October on the other side of the peninsula, there is a natural phenomenon that occurs two or three days a month. As the full moon rises over Roebuck Bay, it lights a “staircase” path across the mudflats. This phenomenon is best viewed from the “moon market” or Town Beach. 


Horizontal Falls

If there is one sight you cannot miss on Broome holiday packages, it is Horizontal Falls. As the name suggests, these falls are highly unusual, as they are the only sideways falling cascades in the world. The falls feature some of the largest tidal movements in the world, creating an inspiring landscape. On a spring tide, the falls can reach up to five metres high, and they can be viewed by air or boat. So, be sure to add a Horizontal Falls tour into your holiday package. 


The Dinosaur Footprints

There aren’t many places where you can see dinosaur footprints that are 130 million years old, but you can during your Broome holiday. The footprints are located on the seabed, six kilometres from Broome near Gantheaume Point. The prints are visible at very low tide, but there are also land-based casts of the prints set amid the weathered sandstone rock formations, so you can get an idea of the size of the theropods, sauropods, and stegosauruses that once roamed around this region. 


Eco Beach

Set in the coastal dunes 130 kilometres away from Broome, the Eco Beach Resort was destroyed in 2000 by Cyclone Rosita. Carl Plunket, the owner, was undaunted and set about building an even more eco-sensitive, yet luxurious retreat that opened in 2009. The eco villas run off solar panels that are recharged by the sunlight each day to also power the resort and a micro-organic wastewater system. This is now a carbon-neutral resort that is well worth seeing. The resort has a new spa, so if you want to recharge your batteries, it is well worth a visit. 


The Courthouse Markets

The markets are a colourful local fixture on a Saturday morning. You can grab a coffee and just stroll around all the stalls encircling the old courthouse, which was built in 1888. You can buy jewellery or pearls, have your tarot cards read, try on a new dress, or look at the indigenous art. The courthouse market is open year-round on Saturdays between 8 am and 1 pm. However, the market is also open on certain holidays throughout the year. 


The Pearls

The Pinctada maxima pearl shell was discovered in 1861 at Roebuck Bay, and it was this that acted as the foundation of the Broome pearling industry. By the early 20th century, Broome had become the most important pearling town in the world. This legacy can still be seen in modern-day Broome, and you can even take a tour at a pearl farm to learn about the process of producing cultured pearls and maybe even take a pearl home. 


Visit the Roey

The Roebuck Bay Hotel is in Chinatown and a venue where you’re sure to rub shoulders with the Broome locals. Grab a beer and watch a music act, while you soak in the history of the hotel that dates back to 1890. 


Take in a Movie at Sun Pictures

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Sun Pictures is the oldest operating outdoor picture garden in the world. It opened in 1916 and has survived the Japanese air raids of World War II, cyclones, and tidal flooding. Sun Pictures is a National Trust listed venue and it shows movies most nights, so plan a visit into your holiday itinerary. 


If you are considering Broome holiday packages, be sure to speak to us. The Broome Kimberley and Beyond team would be delighted to discuss your requirements for Broome holidays to help you plan your dream break.