The Greatest Rail Journeys in Australia

Greatest Rail Journeys

When It comes to traversing Australia, there are plenty of amazing options to choose from. Arguably, one of the most famous journeys across Australia has to be the trip from Adelaide to Darwin across the red hot centre. Although this is popular self-drive, with a motorhome adventure considered to be an iconic experience, the 3000 km distance means that it is no small feat to drive. And why would you decide to tackle this long and exhausting drive when you can take out the hassle and hop aboard the Great Southern Rail - the almighty ‘Ghan’. The ‘Ghan’, whose name derives from the original Afghanistani people who handled the first set of camels to ever traverse this journey, is considered to be one of the greatest rail journeys in Australia, if not the world.

MacDonnell Ranges

The Journey

1You can begin your journey in either Darwin or Adelaide. The journey itself takes three days & two nights if you are travelling from Darwin to Adelaide but if you were to do it in reverse (Adelaide to Darwin) it takes 4 days and 3 nights. Whichever way you choose, there is no doubt about it that the journey can be summed up by one simple word: breathtaking. If you begin in south you’ll take in the lush greenery of Adelaide and the surrounding region. Watch vineyards pass you buy and gaze upon the impressive Flinders Range. As you move towards the red centre you’ll notice that your surroundings become more and more empty, until before you know it you will feel at peace with the world. This feeling is only accentuated further when you look up into the night sky and admire the stars, with no light pollution you’ll be treated to some of the most sensational scenes imaginable. As you move closer to Darwin the land becomes more tropical and the humidity increases making you feel like you’ve entered a whole new country. Don’t forget to watch out for the plentiful wildlife here, especially the beautiful exotic birds and plant life.

Crossing the Victoria River

The Service

There are now two levels of service for you to choose from whilst aboard the Ghan. For those on a budget, the Gold service is the cheaper option and gives you access to a twin cabin (as bunk beds). These are able to become a 3 seater lounge during the day, and it is important to note that you will have access to your own ensuite. There are also single options available for those travelling alone.

The main upgrade included in the superior Platinum service is having access to a double bed and a full size ensuite shower and bathroom. Another advantage is the large picture windows offering views from both sides of the cabin. The luxury end of being in Platinum is that you also receive access to the club lounge which is intimate, beautiful and perfect for making your trip one you’ll remember forever. Whichever level you choose, they both include all-inclusive wining and dining and the off-train excursions meaning you have nothing more to pay once you step aboard.