Self-Guided vs Guided Kimberley Tours

Self-Guided vs Guided Kimberley Tours

If you’re considering a holiday in the Kimberley there are a lot of travel options available. It may be overwhelming deciding whether to take one of the many guided tour options, or to embark on your own self-guided tour.

Choosing from one of the many Kimberley adventure tours will provide a fully organised group travel experience which follows a specific itinerary and is lead by an experienced guide. However, you may prefer to be in control of your holiday experience by organising a self-guided tour. While some of the details can be pre-arranged, you will need take responsibility for planning and leading the tour yourself.

The Advantages of a Self-Guided Tour

By choosing a self-guided option, you are able to take extra time to enjoy the places you visit and your itineraryis flexible. A self-guided tour allows you to change dates and locations, allowing you to be spontaneous and impulsive. The flexibility of going where you like when you like may be what you prefer on a holiday.

The Disadvantages of a Self-Guided Tour

A self-guided tour provides many benefits, especially if you prefer the independence, however there are some disadvantages that should be considered. A self-guided tour requires a lot of careful planning to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. There are many important aspects to consider that professional guides have many years of experienced understanding in. Particularly in the Kimberley region where travel can be dangerous if you don’t understand the area.

Cost is another consideration. A guided tour is one set amount and usually everything is included. By choosing a self-guided tour you may not take into account any unexpected or extra costs. One of the most obvious disadvantages of a self-guided tour is having no tour guide. While this might be something that you don’t need if you know the area well, for those who don’t a tour guide can be a valuable source of experience, knowledge and advice.

The Advantages of Guided Tours

Guided Kimberley tours are a great way to see the area without the stress and effort of planning and decision making. You are able to relax and enjoy the entire experience with little effort. All of the best activities and sites have been chosen to make Kimberley tours from Broome a memorable experience.

A huge advantage of Kimberley adventure tours is your tour guide. A guide is an invaluable resource especially for those who have never been to the area before. By travelling in a group, you can meet new people which is an advantage for solo travellers.

The Disadvantages of Guided Tours

A guided tour has been pre-planned and the itinerary is set. There may be some flexibility, however it will depend on the entire group. This does leave less room for spontaneity; however, some tour guides do allow for small changes. Being a group situation, a guided tour might not suit those who don’t enjoy travelling in large groups, although you will find many tours offering small group options.

As you can see there are many options to consider when planning your Kimberley adventure. Whether you want to travel alone or as part of a group, there are both advantages and disadvantages to both options. However, in most cases, a guided tour will offer more benefits, providing a convenient, safe and enjoyable experience for the whole family.