Kangaroo Island: A Must Visit in South Australia

A mere 13 kilometres off the coast of South Australia, Kangaroo island feels like a world away. With over 500km of coastline, crystalline waters lap against towering sea cliffs and pristine beaches. A glorious wilderness of dense native bushland and lush farmland, interspersed with sand dunes, wetlands and unusual rock formations, the rugged beauty of Kangaroo Island defies description. A haven for native wildlife, watch wild koalas dozing in the eucalyptus trees, walk among grazing kangaroos and wallabies and see rare sea lions bask in the sun at the coast. With so much on offer, this wildly gorgeous destination is waiting for you.

In addition to the wondrous landscape, Kangaroo Island is a destination that truly delights the taste buds. Celebrated for its cheeses, wines and freshly caught seafood, you will be spoilt for choice with the exquisite range of produce available.

With seven different regions to choose from, each one offers a unique experience. When it comes to choosing your Kangaroo Island accommodation, it comes down to what suits you best. Listen to the waves lap against the shore of fine white sand; gaze up at the multitude of stars in the night sky; feel the native plants brush against you as you trek through the hills. Wherever you choose to stay, you'll love waking up on Kangaroo Island.

By far the most popular form of accommodation on Kangaroo Island is self-contained accommodation containing all the necessary facilities for your stay, perfect for that feeling of a home away from home. Ranging from smaller units to multiple-bedroom homes, a cabin or cottage in the heart of the native bushland or a modern apartment with views overlooking the pristine beaches, there's everything you could wish for. Whether you're bringing the kids or just want some extra space to relax with your loved ones, Kangaroo island has got you covered.

If you really want to splash out with a spectacular property, indulge in a luxury five-star resort or retreat. With glorious suites, stunning architecture and outdoor terraces overlooking breathtaking views of the ocean, they are nothing short of luxurious. With hotels that have featured on lists of the best places to stay in the world, Kangaroo Island will fulfil your every desire.

Kangaroo Island Cave - Broome Kimberley & Beyond

Watch the beautiful sunset from the mouth of Kangaroo Island's Cave

Alternatively, choose from a wide choice of the smaller, more boutiquey hotels, motels and bed and breakfasts on Kangaroo Island for a more personalised touch to your stay. With relatively few rooms, you are able to get to know your gracious hosts and take advantage of their fantastic local knowledge of the island.

Wherever you choose to stay, your Kangaroo Island accommodation will take your breath away. Whether you're in a five-star suite, a secret cottage or camping under the stars, you'll always wish you were staying at this rugged and wild beautiful destination for longer.

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