Family Friendly Kimberley Tours and Holidays

Kimberley Family Holidays

Travelling with children may not be easy, but if you prepare and plan ahead, your Kimberley holiday can be fun, memorable and relaxing. You may even want to involve your child in the planning phase of your holiday, if they are old enough.

It’s a good idea to include a lot of family friendly activities to keep the kids amused. While you may be tempted to pack your holiday with a lot of activities, kids do get tired easily, which often leads to grumpiness. Try to keep things simple and leave some space to relax.

Here are a few ideas to make holidays with kids easier:

Family Friendly Accommodation

Choosing appropriate accommodation is important when you’re travelling with kids. Self-contained apartments are often a great choice, especially if you have young children. There’s nothing worse than arriving at your accommodation after a long trip and having to go shopping for necessities. Or even having to bring cots and highchairs when you already have enough luggage to drag around.

There are many family friendly accommodation options in the Kimberley. Cable Beach Club Resort & Spa offers many different accommodation options and has plenty of family friendly facilities. This includes a family pool with a water playground which your kids will love. There’s also mini golf and an activity centre to keep the kids entertained for hours.

Balance Activities for the Children and Adults

When planning your Kimberley tours & holiday activities, try to balance both kid friendly and adult activities. If you plan too many activities for the adults in one day the kids will get bored. It may be a good idea to plan some activities for the adults in the morning when the kids are well rested, and then do their activities after lunch.

Planning your holiday tours should be carefully considered when travelling with children. The best Kimberley tours for families include guided tours, helicopter tours and water based activities. Don’t forget, your kids won’t want to miss the Astro Tours show which has early times for the little ones.

Long Drives with Children

If your Kimberley holiday involves a lot of driving you’ll want to be prepared, especially with children. Road trips with children can be stressful, but they can also be fun and create a lot of great memories.

Firstly, you should plan ahead. Making sure you know where all the good places to stop are and not travelling too far in one session. Allowing longer than normal for the trip is a good idea when driving with kids as you’ll probably be making regular stops.

Try to locate places along the way that have toilets and playgrounds, or at least somewhere for the kids to stretch their legs after being stuck in the car for a long time. It’s worth detouring a little to stop somewhere appropriate if there isn’t somewhere good that’s along your route.


Don’t forget to pack plenty of snacks as there may not always be somewhere to stop and eat when the kids get hungry. Also bring along some toys and games to keep the kids entertained, and hopefully avoid the “are we there yets”. Avoid bringing books if your child is prone to car sickness.

First Aid

Make sure you bring a first aid kit with you just in case. If any family members get car sick make sure to add motion sickness medication, wet wipes and a bucket or plastic bags.

Kimberley holiday packages and Kimberley tours can make your family holiday an experience to remember. The kids will love exploring the wild and dramatic landscapes of the Kimberley. Broome, Kimberley & Beyond provides tours for an amazing family experience in comfort and safety. Contact 1300 245 565 to begin planning your Kimberley holiday today.