Family-Friendly Broome Holidays

Family-Friendly Broome Holidays

It’s no secret to many families that travelling with kids presents a few more challenges than without. However, that doesn’t mean that family holidays can’t be just as much fun as, or even better than kid-free getaways.

Travelling with kids doesn’t have to be a hassle, and it can actually be some of the best experiences to have as a family. Broome holiday packages can be the perfect solution to reconnect as a family. To leave the responsibilities of everyday life behind and create lasting family memories.

Broome is the pearling capital of Australia, not to mention the gateway to the spectacular Kimberley. Broome holiday packages offer one of the most unforgettable holiday experiences for all families.

When is the Best Time to Take My Kids to Broome?

Broome has two main seasons, the dry season and the wet season. The majority of tourists visit during the dry season which runs from April until October. The wet season in Broome is very hot and humid, with torrential downpours. Many roads and attractions close during this time which can have an impact on your holiday.

For family holidays, the dry season is usually the best time to visit Broome. The skies are blue, and although the temperature is warm, it’s not humid and uncomfortable like it is during the wet season. The beaches tend to be safer for swimming in during the dry season, and you won’t have to contend with annoying mosquitos.

Here are some of the highly recommended activities to do in Broome during a holiday with kids:

Bring Your Kids to Cable Beach

Cable Beach is 22km of pristine sandy beaches and crystal-clear water contrasting against amazing red cliffs. Cable Beach is the perfect spot for the family to enjoy a relaxing day. The kids can swim in the warm water while you watch and relax on the sand. There are also plenty of activities to enjoy along Cable Beach, such as the famous Cable Beach camel rides.

Tips for swimming at Cable Beach with kids:

The Broome Shire recommends swimming within the designated areas at patrolled beaches. These areas are marked with red and yellow flags, a plain red flag means the beach is close – do not enter the water. Cable Beach has a lifeguard service running 9am - 4.30pm every day from April until October.

Family Camel Rides at Cable Beach

One of the most popular holiday activities on Cable Beach is the camel rides. Cable Beach is the ideal spot for it, with its 22km of beautiful white sandy beaches and sparkling blue waters. The camel rides are family-friendly, so the kids will enjoy this activity as much as the adults. There are numerous options to suit everyone. For the younger kids, there are shorter rides, and you can choose to ride at different times of the day. For example, there are morning, afternoon and sunset rides.

Hunting Dinosaur Tracks with Your Kids

This is an adventure the kids will never forget. Enjoy a day exploring the dinosaur tracks at Gantheaume Point. Around 130 million years ago dinosaur roamed this area, leaving their footprints in the sandy tidal flats and river channels. You’ll get to see 21 different types of dinosaur tracks made by thyreophoran, theropod, sauropod and ornithopod dinosaurs. 

Broome’s Pearl Luggers Tour

Broome’s Pearl Luggers tours will take you on a journey into 150 years of pearling heritage. This tour has you travelling back in time to an era when many pearl divers put their lives at risk for this industry. You will get to view some of the last remaining pearl luggers and watch rare archival footage. The kids will love the opportunity to touch and hold valuable pearls and old diving artefacts.

Tour Chinatown

The heart and soul of Broome, Chinatown first began when pearling crews set up camps and tin shed in the 1880’s. Today Chinatown in Broome is a multicultural tourism town well worth visiting. There are many family-friendly paths to follow while exploring Chinatown. There is also a water park along the way that the kids will love. You can also visit the cafes, historical graves and the museum.

Booking Your Holiday Trip to Broome!

To plan and book your next family holiday to Broome you can find many exciting Broome holiday packages here. If you would like more information about Broome and Kimberley holidays and tours, the friendly team at Broome Kimberley and Beyond are more than happy to help, and we look forward to hearing from you.