Exploring Australia’s Kimberley Coast by Cruise

14 day ultimate kimberley cruise

A cruise along the Kimberley coast is a truly amazing experience. Many areas of this beautiful coastline are inaccessible by car and a cruise will allow you to visit places that remain relatively untouched. The Kimberley coastline is one of the world's most unique cruising regions. You can get up close to spectacular rugged cliffs, waterfalls, ancient Aboriginal art sites and breathtaking gorges.


What Can You See on a Kimberley Cruise?

There’s an endless list of sites to see on Kimberley coast cruises. You can choose from a number of different cruises to suit your needs, whether you want a short relaxing cruise, or you’d like to visit as many Kimberley icons as possible. Kimberley cruises range from 4 days up to 21 days. Some of the amazing attractions you can experience on Kimberley coast cruises include:

  • Mitchell Falls
  • Horizontal Falls
  • Ancient Aboriginal rock art sites
  • Montgomery Reef
  • King George Falls
  • King Cascades

Not only will you experience amazing waterfalls, gorges and spectacular landscapes, the wildlife in this area is both diverse and abundant. During your Kimberley cruise you are likely to see a wide range of Kimberley wildlife.

Wildlife During a Kimberley Cruise

One of the most exciting reasons many people choose to visit the Kimberley is to get a glimpse of the diverse wildlife that live here. From crocodiles, fish and other marine life, to the huge amount of bird species that sweep across the landscape. Not only this, you may also be lucky to see the many different mammals and reptiles living in the area. And depending on the time of the year you visit; the Kimberley is home to the world’s largest annual Humpback Whale populations from June to October as they migrate to warmer waters.

Cruising Aboard Kimberley Coast Cruises

Each cruise can offer a unique experience in the Kimberley. You may want to choose a shorter voyage as a great introduction, or maybe you’d prefer to see as much of this beautiful region as possible with one of the longer cruises.

Although some of the shorter cruises are great for a first-time cruise of the Kimberley coast, to ensure you have sufficient time to experience all of the must-see places and more, a minimum of 8 nights is a good start. In the end, you’ll appreciate that extra time and probably won’t want to leave. However, if you’re short on time the week-long cruises still offer an experience you’ll never forget, and allow you to focus on specific places you’d like to visit.


With spectacular ancient landscapes and two billion years of natural history, Kimberley coast cruises are the perfect way to experience this region in comfort and style. Cruise along the turquoise waters while visiting some of the most unique attractions, from breathtaking waterfalls and gorges, to ancient Aboriginal rock art and towering cliffs.


For more information on how to book a Kimberley cruise contact our friendly staff. We can help with selecting and planning the perfect holiday cruise, and one you will never forget.