Enjoy a Kimberley Cruise with a Friend

Enjoy A Kimberley Cruise with A Friend

Cruising Aboard the Kimberley Pearl

The Kimberley Pearl is a restored and beautifully remastered old pearling vessel with the capacity to sleep up to 12 guests comfortably. Each cabin sleeps up to two people and is air conditioning with modern ensuites. The vessel features comfortable seating, wide lounge seating on the upper deck and a spacious galley.

The Kimberley Pearl provides guided tours through the remote and diverse Kimberley region offering guests an exciting adventure to experience the spectacular wilderness and abundant wildlife unique to this area.

Here is a taste of the amazing places you and a friend can experience on a Kimberley cruise:

Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm

Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm is Australia’s oldest operating pearling farm which is rich in history. Located at the tip of the Dampier Peninsula, Cygnet Bay is not only a great place to grow pearls, it’s a stunning area to visit. The marine environment features the world’s largest tropical tides, making it a harsh yet spectacular landscape.

Horizontal Falls

Horizontal Falls

“Australia’s most unusual natural wonder”, described by David Attenborough. The Horizontal Falls is a unique natural phenomenon that you can experience on Kimberley Cruises. The Horizontal Falls are created by the powerful tidal currents moving through two narrow gorges of the McLarty Range. As the water builds up on one side, it rushes through creating a horizontal waterfall. The process is repeated on the turning tide.

Cone Bay

Cone Bay features powerful 11 metre ocean tidal flows that move through the bay twice a day, bringing in extremely fresh fish. Cone Bay also features beautiful pockets of tropical rainforest with an abundance of birdlife and breathtaking waterfalls cascading into the sea.

Montgomery Reef

Montgomery Reef appears to rise out of the ocean during the falling tide as the water travels down numerous channels. The reef is Australia’s largest inshore reef at more than 270 square kilometres. The reef contains areas of shallow lagoons, colourful corals and seagrass beds, and wildlife such as crabs, cushion stars, turtles, sponges and octopi.

Doubtful Bay

Located east south east of Montgomery Reef, Doubtful Bay is a beautiful and isolated area. The bay was named by early explorer Phillip Parker King who believed it was a doubtful entrance to a mythical inland sea. Doubtful Bay provides access to multiple river systems, waterholes, rocky outcrops and Aboriginal rock art sites.

Prince Regent River

The Prince Regent River flows through a fault line known as the Prince Regent lineament and is one of Western Australia’s straightest rivers. The only way to access this remote river is by cruise or scenic flight. The journey features stunning waterfalls, freshwater pools and towering red cliffs.

Hunter River

Hunter River

The Hunter River is a very popular cruise destination due to the amazing rock formations at the river mouth and large 90 metre waterfalls. This river is significant to the Wunambal Gaambera people being home to the ‘Wunggurr’ (creator snake).

This is only the beginning of what you can take in on a Kimberley Cruise. Kimberley cruises offer a way to experience this untouched landscape and visit areas you can’t access otherwise. A Kimberley cruise is an adventure you will never forget as you relax and enjoy this spectacular coastline, abundant wildlife, breathtaking waterfalls and intriguing history of the Kimberley.