Discover the Incredible Horizontal Falls on a Kimberley Cruise

Discover the Incredible Horizontal Falls on a Kimberley Cruise

The Kimberley is one of the last truly untouched wildernesses in the world and visitors return time and time again to rediscover the beauty of the region. If you’re unsure what you should see on your next Kimberley adventure, make sure you take the time to visit the incredible natural phenomenon of the Horizontal Falls. Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at what you can expect when you visit the unique Horizontal Falls.

Buccaneer Archipelago

The Horizontal Falls are located in the beautiful Buccaneer Archipelago, which is a group of 800 to 1,000 islands located north of Derby off the Western Australia coast. The archipelago was named by Phillip Parker King in 1821 after the English buccaneer, William Dampier. On many of the islands, ancient Aboriginal rock art can be found which is a testament to the traditional landowners who lived in the archipelago for thousands of years.

The archipelago is home to an amazing array of marine life, from humpback whales and dolphins to turtles and swordfish. The area is remote and untouched, with hundreds of pristine islands which are home to diverse wildlife including quolls, rock rats, snakes and lizards. The untouched beauty of the Buccaneer Archipelago makes it the perfect place for visitors to the area to explore and a cruise is the perfect way to navigate the area.

Horizontal Falls

Although there is plenty to see and do when you visit the Buccaneer Archipelago, the biggest attraction is the Horizontal Falls which are located in Talbot Bay. The falls are comprised of two narrow gorges in the McLarty Ranges and when the powerful tides rush through the gap, it gives the spectacular effect of a horizontal waterfall. The legendary David Attenborough described the falls as “Australia’s most unusual natural wonder

” when he visited the area.

The Horizontal Falls are only accessible by boat and when the water is calm, boats can drive between the gap. During tidal movements, the water banks up on one side of the gorges and rushes through the other side. There are two gaps in the gorges, one 10 metres apart and one 20 metres apart, and the narrower gap produces the more spectacular effect. The water in the gorges can be up to 30 metres deep and the tidal movements can reach an incredible 13 metres.

Discover the Kimberley

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