Considering Kimberley Tour Packages? How Much Will it Cost to See WA?

Preparing for Your Next Adventure in The Kimberley

The Kimberley is a fantastic place to visit, offering stunning scenery, interesting history, and diverse flora and fauna. Kimberley tour packages provide a great way to explore this amazing area, but how much will it cost to see WA? Here we’ll look at how the costs in Western Australia compare with the rest of Australia, so you can plan your holiday budget. 


The Cost of Living


Perth and Western Australia is generally cheaper than the rest of Australia, particularly the east coast. The Perth cost of living is approximately 20 percent cheaper compared to Sydney, and it is also cheaper than Darwin, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Once you arrive in Western Australia, you’re sure to fall in love with the laid back, yet thriving state atmosphere. 


Things to See


If you start in Perth and travel south, you can move through the Margaret River wine region before you continue to some of the most stunning beaches here in Australia. The Kimberley region offers some amazing beaches, including the renowned Cable Beach that features 20 kilometres of beautiful white sand and turquoise Indian Ocean waters. Many Kimberley tour packages include time at Cable Beach, where you can ride a camel, watch a spectacular sunset, or just enjoy a romantic stroll. Driving into the northern reaches of WA is an adventure. You can take in the Gibb River Road, the Bungle Bungles, the Ord River Dam, and Kununurra. The Kimberley region is rich in iron ore, so you will see stunning colours of deep red earth contrasting beautifully with the bright blue skies and local flora. 

Self driving will require a commitment to long stints of driving, so it can be best to opt for a tour package. This will allow you to avoid the potentially boring hours on the road, as you’ll have plenty of company and an experienced guide to point out the interesting sights. Tour guides will also be able to guide you through any seasonal issues, such as road closures that occur due to flooding in the wet season. 


The Costs of Travel


Organised tours can vary greatly in cost, but if you’re planning on travelling along the west coast for several weeks, then you will need to allow a few thousand Australian dollars. However, you can research ways to reduce the costs of your tour. Saving money on food and drink, and other expenses will allow you to spend more money on your tour packages, so you can experience everything this fantastic region has to offer. Even something as simple as enjoying a beer where the locals drink can save you a good few dollars on several weeks of travel. Moving away from the tourist traps will also allow you greater insight into WA, so you will have some fantastic memories of your adventures.


If you are considering Kimberley tour packages, be sure to speak to us. The Broome Kimberley and Beyond team would be delighted to discuss your requirements to help you to plan your dream break.