A trip on The Ghan – October 2021

The Ghan 2

Recently, our Management at BKB Holidays experienced this unique Australian rail tour - The Ghan!

This 2979 km, four day, three night adventure is an all inclusive journey that took them to the most remote and captivating parts of Australia, in style and comfort.

Once leaving Darwin, a few hours later they arrived into Katherine, where they boarded the coach and were taken to the amazing Nitmiluk Gorge Cruise where they cruised down the Katherine river, and viewed the large rock formations of the gorge tower over the calm water.  Nitmiluk is home to the Indigenous Jawoyn people and many of the their stories centre around the gorge.  They cruised the first and second gorge for a few hours in comfort, and then headed back to the train where they had our first dinner on board with a great selection of wines available.

The next day they arrived into Alice Springs. The Desert Park, Outback BBQ Dinner and the Telegraph Station were all a wonderful experience.

They thoroughly enjoyed the Desert Park, where as they say “This is Australia” at it’s best. Wild birds fly into to the amphitheater, where you will get up close and personal with the birds and trainers during a private training session.

They enjoyed a delicious lunch at the Desert Park with all the train guests. Then they visited the Nocturnal house where they saw the iconic Bilby and Mala, and some amazing colourful Lizards.

After heading back to the train to freshen up they headed for dinner at the Telegraph Station. This experience was also a highlight where they could ride a camel, listen to a fabulous band with a didgeridoo player who accompanying a band, and enjoyed the fabulous night sky of stars.

The next day they arrived in Manguri, where again they were greeted by coaches to go on one of the many day tours on offer.  They went on the  "Explore Coober Pedy tour” which took them to an underground town, Opal mine and museum. They visited a Serbian Orthodox Church (also built underground) and also The Dog Fence which is the longest continual construction in the world, stretching 5300 klms.  Also a highlight for them, was stopping at the Breakaways, a striking example of arid scenery.  At this location, some of Priscilla the Queen on the Desert was filmed along with Mad Max Thunderdome.

After lunch in the opal mine they then headed back to the train. Along the journey they had some more drinks setup outside the train, then headed off to arrive into Adelaide the following morning. All in all, this train trip is a must do. The experience will never leave you.

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