Our pick of the Best Kimberley Tours for 2020

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With such a diverse and expansive region to explore, even the most avid traveller can feel overwhelmed at the idea of planning the perfect trip through the Kimberley region without worrying that they might have missed something spectacular. So why not let the team here at Broome, Kimberley & Beyond do all the hard work for you and browse through our selection of incredible Kimberley tours. Here we will share with you some of our best picks of Kimberley tour packages for 2020.


Bungle Bungle Guided Tour

Considered one of the true spectacles of Western Australia, these impressive beehive-like domes have drawn in tourists from all over the world for many years. Located at the centre of the UNESCO world heritage site of Purnulululu National Park, these magnificent sandstone structures stand supreme on an out of this world landscape. On a Bungle Bungle guided tour, your local guide will transport you back to a time thousands of years ago when the native Aboriginals roamed the area. You’ll learn about the cultural significance of the land and how they are one with the land, a feeling still holding true to this day. Whether you decide to opt for a luxury experience or want to embark on a true outback adventure, on this trip you will experience the real Australia, being able to try some of the local food and also admire the beautiful scenery and deep culture of the Kimberley region.

Horizontal Falls by Seaplane

Horizontal Falls by Seaplane

Perfect for anyone looking for an experience of a lifetime, Horizontal Falls is one of the most popular Broome tours that simply cannot be missed. Take a scenic flight over the Kimberley region and marvel and the fantastic and ever-changing landscape below you. With dramatic gorges, lush flora and beautiful stretches of coastline, there are so many beautiful sights to enjoy. The pièce de résistance is the Horizontal Falls themselves, aptly names for the churning waters and crashing waves that instead of cascading down a cliff, roar across the ocean. Get the adrenaline pumping and take a boat out through the falls themselves, then finish the day with a swim and feeding some of the tropical fish.

Exmouth Whales

Whale Watching

With sensational marine life right on Broome’s doorstep there was no way that we could leave whale watching off our list of our favourite tours this year. With some fantastic charters going out daily, during the migration season July - September, there is a very high chance of seeing some majestic whales of various species. Scan the horizon for the trademark tail shot and marvel at the grace of these beautiful, intelligent and gentle creatures. There is no doubt that this is a beautiful way to appreciate nature at it’s finest.

Camel ride along Cable Beach

Camel ride along Cable Beach

Although it may be a simple concept, there is no doubt that unwinding with the family at the end of a day on Cable Beach is the highlight of many people’s trip to Broome. With miles of beautiful beach to enjoy, why not make the experience extra special and enjoy a unique way to view a glorious sunset upon the back of one of the lovely camel tours. Just be sure to get that iconic Broome photo with all the Camels lined up with one another against a backdrop of wondrous colour reflecting off the sand flats and the ocean.

Ultimately this is just a snippet of what you can experience whilst on holiday in the stunning Kimberley region. There are hundreds of possibilities catering to all necks of life, so take the plunge and have your very own Kimberley adventure, with Broome, Kimberley & Beyond’s help to make your dreams a reality.