5 Best Ways to Eat Broome Mangos

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November is a wonderful time to visit Broome. While we are just getting into the wet season, and temperatures can get a little high, the fact that it’s mango season more than makes up for a little humidity!
The Broome Mango Festival takes place from 22-26 November 2017 and is well worth a visit if you’re in the vicinity, with lots of events taking place around the town (see event line-up below).

But if you’ll miss those dates, or you’re just after some more casual mango-enjoyment without the need for a ticket, we’ve put together our top 5 alternative ways to enjoy Broome mango season!

1. Straight from the tree

Number one is to enjoy a mango in its purest form – a fresh mango, straight from the tree, still warm from the sun. Befriend a local with a mango tree or get to any of the mango trees growing around town before anyone else does.

2. In a drink

You can join a cocktail making classes as part of the Broome Mango Festival, or enjoy a Mambo Mango cocktail at Cable Beach Club’s Sunset Bar, while watching the camels walk down to Cable Beach for sunset.
Beer lovers will know Matso’s famous mango beer. Be sure to visit Matso’s Restaurant (across from Moonlight Bay Suites) to have a mango beer on tap. You can also find mango liquor and even mango wine.

3. On ice

If the humidity starts to get to you, head to The Old Ice-Creamery in Chinatown for a mango ice cream after a long day exploring Broome.
Or for something a bit healthier, you can get frozen mango (mixed in with pineapple, strawberry or whatever you choose) from the Courthouse Markets every Saturday and high season Sundays.

4. On pizza

Every Friday and Sunday, you can get woodfired pizza from The Mango Place. We highly recommend you try their Chango (chicken and mango) pizza. The Mango Place is a bit out of town (12 miles), but it’s worth the drive, and you can stop by the crocodile park beforehand to make a day of it.

5. In a preserve

Whether you want mango jam on your scones at high tea or a spicy mango chutney using a secret family recipe (there’s a fair few secret family recipes in Broome!) you’re sure to find all you need at the Courthouse Markets or any of the great artisanal stores in Broome town, as well as The Mango Place outside town.