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Discovery is in the Lindblad DNA. They’ve been at this for 50 years. The collaboration between their masterful Captains and experienced expedition leaders creates unprecedented opportunities for guests. Lindblad’s teams will do whatever it takes to ensure you unforgettable experiences. Lindblad Expeditions has built the most advanced fleet of expedition ships in the world. If you are thinking about a Kimberley cruise in absolute style and luxury, then this cruise line is a must consideration. Then again, if you would like to venture even further, then contact us at BKB Holidays for their full itinerary of domestic and international cruises.

What To Expect

All your expectations will be met, and MORE! Lindblad has the experience and staff who will present to you an unforgettable cruising experience.

On this Kimberley cruise discover a land so old that vast tracts pre-date the very existence of fossils—and see it in the manner befitting its immense scale: by sea, aboard our fully-equipped expedition ship, National Geographic Orion. Explore the immense and complex landscape of western Australia, encompassing spectacular gorges, waterfalls, caves, rainforests and wildlife.
See signs of the immense geological forces that over the course of eons have buckled the earth’s crust leaving contorted folds of ancient rock.

We would be most surprised if at the end of your cruise you’re not thinking about booking another Lindblad experience. Contact BKB Holidays for more information on more Lindblad destinations, both in Australia and Internationally.



Cruise Itineraries

Kimberley Expedition - Australia's Wild Northwest

From $13,940 per person twin share

Kimberley, Western Australia is the destination that will leave you in awe. The scenery will be etched in you memory forever. So much so you will want to return again and again. From sandstone cliffs, swim in safe natural pools, see and experience the Horizontal Falls in Zodiacs for an exhilarating trip to witness this extraordinary phenomenon is just the start! Head to Montgomery Reef arriving at high tide and if conditions are right, the tide may drop rapidly away and a raging torrent of water will erupt, as miles of surrounding reef appear to slowly rise out of the ocean. The most scenic parts of the Kimberley coasts is the Hunter River with its soaring red cliffs and so much more we would prefer to surprise you. If you are thinking about a Kimberely cruise this one is it!


Lindblad Expeditions – Kimberley - National Geographic Orion

From $13per person twin share

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Lindblad Expeditions – Kimberley - National Geographic Orion

From $13,940per person twin share

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