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Situated on Australia’s Coral Coast is Monkey Mia which is famous for its dolphins and huge variety of exotic marine life. All year round there are dolphins, dugongs and huge loggerhead green turtles. Cruise the oceans and get close to the dugongs or tour the scenic coastline in a 4WD, experiencing the Hamelin Pool stromatolites, Shell Beach, Eagle Bluff, Francois Peron National Park and more.

The renowned dolphins swim into the shallow waters of the bay at varying times everyday (more frequently in the mornings) to be fed and interact with humans, delighting them with their intelligence and grace.The dolphin information centre is open daily between 7am and 4pm to provide further information on these amazing creatures.

Located less than 30 minutes drive from Monkey Mia, the township of Denham is the main service centre for the Shark Bay region. The calm waters of the bay provide ideal conditions for boating, waterskiing and swimming.

Fees: A fee is charged by the department of environment & conservation for all visitors to the Monkey Mia Reserve. There is a tollbooth located at the entrance of the reserve.

Climate: Monkey Mia experiences a Mediterranean climate with average maximum temperatures ranging from 22 in winter months to 31 in the summer months, making it the perfect destination year round.

Distances from Monkey Mia: Perth 838km, Geraldton 413km, Kalbarri 380km, Carnarvon 334km, Coral Bay 564km, Exmouth 691km.


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