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The Mitchell Plateau is situated in the far north of the Kimberley. The Mitchell River and its tributaries have carved spectacular gorges and waterfalls into the sandstone bordering the laterite-capped plateau.

The area is biologically important with landscapes around the plateau varying from mangroves and swamps to woodlands and lush rainforest patches, with diverse wildlife. Livistona palms which endemic to the north Kimberley are found on the lateritic soils of the plateau, and may grow up to 18 metres tall. Some palms are up to 280 years old.

The highlight of the Mitchell Plateau is the cascading waters of the Mitchell Falls. The walk to the falls from the carpark can take a couple of hours along a marked path, but is well worth it with many attractions along the way such as Little Mertyns Falls and some Aboriginal Rock Art sites, culminating in the spectacular views of the layers of falls and rock pools. There is an opportunity to swim at the top of the falls, so make sure you take swimming costumes, along with plenty of water, sunscreen and supplies. Shade is limited. There is a helicopter base next to the carpark, so you may want to book a helicopter flight from the bottom of the falls back to the top to get another aspect of the falls - this is highly recommended!

The plateau is 350 kilometres north east of Derby and 270 kilometres north west of Wyndham by air. Vehicle access is via the Mitchell Plateau track (4WD only) from the Kalumburu Road, 172 kilometres north of the Gibb River Road junction. The track may have washouts and corrugations so drive with extreme care. Tracks north of the airstrip are rough while track north of Anuauyu (Surveryors Pool) are very rough and may be impassable. Tracks and roads may be closed during the wet season (November to April).


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