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The Bungle Bungle Range, in Purnululu National Park, is one of the most amazing natural landmarks in Western Australia. The Bungles are renowned for the famous beehive domes which are striped orange and black due to an encasing of silica and algae, but this National Park also hides a multitude of gorges, pools, walking trails and pockets of fan palms.

The Bungle Bungle has been a tourist destination since 1983 and was granted World Heritage status in 2003. It is thought to be an estimated 360 million years old.

Purnululu is usually open from April to October, dependant on the weather. You can access the National Park by 4WD or fixed winged aircraft only, with strictly no access to 2WD vehicles or caravans. Off road trailers are permitted at owner's risk. The Spring Creek track that leads from the Great Northern Hwy to the entrance of the National Park is 53kms, and due to track conditions, you will need to allow at least 2 hours for one way travel.

Visitors must register at the Department of Environment and Conservation Visitors Centre on arrival. Both camping and entry fees are applicable.


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