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Karratha, located just over 1500kms north of Perth on the North West Coastal Highway, is situated right in the Heart of the Pilbara Coast. Currently the Pilbara largest and most well serviced township, Karratha offers an extensive variety of tourism experiences, as well as being the perfect base to start your Pilbara experience from.Each year in August Karratha holds the popular fundraising Fenaclng Festival which reflects the mining background of the region. The name stemns from an acronym of the chemical symbols for iron (Fe), salt (NaCL) and the abbreviation for liquefied natural gas (LNG). Also those who are interested in the Aboriginal heritage of the towen should obtain a copy of the Jaburara Heritage Trail booklet which details a 3.5 km walk around the town stopping at Aboriginal carvings, old quarries and shell middens.


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