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Population: Approx 15,000

Port Hedland is famous for its massive resource industry, with its port handling the largest tonnage of any in Australia. Take a tour of the BHP Iron Ore Mill and Dampier Salt Shipping area and marvel at the long trains (some up to 3kms long!), giant machinery, big ships and salt piles.

As rich as it is in resources, Port Hedland also has an extensive Indigenous culture and pioneering history and an abundance of wildlife, and nature is at it's best here with great fishing and crabbing, turtles nesting, whale watching (seasonal between June and September) and the 'Staircase to the Moon' between May and October (this is a natural phenomenon that occurs when a full moon reflects on the mudflats at low tide). During the winter months there is also a seasonal display of wildflowers.

Distances from Port Hedland: Broome 611km, Karratha 242km, Perth 1636km


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